The Emotional Moment Between A War Dog And Its Trainer Moves The Networks

Enjoying the company of a dog is one of the few things that can make someone happy. Above all, if we talk about spending time with said pet at special moments. For this reason, we want to share the experience of a war dog , which became attached to its 2-year-old handler. So much so, that he did not want him to leave the military headquarters.

A dog of war formed a bond with its handler

Da Mao, is an adorable Golden Retriever, who worked side by side in the Chinese army with a man named Jia Chuan for 2 years.

It should be noted that, despite the fact that they had been together for 2 years, this man had already served in the army for 8 years. Therefore, he had to leave the ranks of soldiers and retreat.

The dog of war does not want his companion to leave

The situation that both friends had to face was not easy. In the video that has been leaked on the internet, you can see how the war dog begins to run after his partner and hugs him with his paws .

In this way, he was implying that he did not want Jia Chuan to leave the military headquarters. Faced with such a situation, the man caresses the puppy for the last time, and then hands it over to what will be his new trainer and companion .

A heartbreaking farewell

All this sad farewell has been a very moving experience for internet visitors. Many users have expressed their comments when seeing this scene. So it has become quite a viral video.

Observing the bond that was created between this war dog and the military, there is no doubt that the animals value the affection that we give them. That is why it is so important that we give them all our love on any occasion. Thus, they will be happy pets that will always be grateful for our friendship.

What did you think of the affection that the war dog showed the soldier? This is a story that you can share, so that it becomes very popular and more people can know about it.

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