The Dress You Choose Will Reveal Everything About Your Femininity.

There are millions of fabulous dresses in the world, with different colors, textures and designs, there is always one ideal for every taste and according to the personality of the woman, some are very sensual, others more discreet, there are outlandish, elegant and also simple. This also depends a lot on the event for which it is desired. Some are printed, others in strange colors, there are also well-known brands and imitations.

Each woman has her style and is in accordance with it as she chooses, but in general there are always two or three outfits that she has in her wardrobe and they are her favorites.

Here we will tell you things about your femininity that you may not have known, you just have to choose a dress from the image and scroll to the bottom to find out what that design has to say about you. List?

1- Refined and distinguished

Your style distinguishes you from others and you characterize yourself as an admired and very feminine woman. You are sophisticated and refined. You look fabulously attractive even in gym clothes.

You are accustomed to praise for your good taste, you impose with your presence and enchant with your style. You know very well what you are worth and you never allow less than it. What you suspect always comes true.

Deep inside you are the woman who imposes her character, even at the risk of being left alone… you will never be the submissive who puts up with everything for fear of being left alone. Does something match your personality?… write it in the comments

2- Honest and hardworking.

Beautiful and charming by nature, although you are faithful to the thought that what really counts and is important is the interior, that is why you characterize yourself as an honest and pleasant person.

You do not have such a marked style, you use what makes you feel comfortable and free to carry out any activity. Your person involves several gentlemen who try to steal your heart, although you are very clear about what you want and you do not accept less. Style defines you and intelligence accompanies you. What do you think fits your personality?

3- Enigmatic.

You have a mysterious personality that melts any man, even the one you want. You are interesting and therefore many do not hesitate to approach you. You have such a unique way of being that those who come to talk to you are fascinated and always want to get to know you more. You hate routine or being told what to do. You find it amusing when others try to figure you out or think they’ve succeeded. You have few friends, but those friends are really true.  Your intelligence will open many doors for new jobs or businesses. 

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4- Tender and feminine.

This beautiful dress means that you are characterized by your innocence and good heart. Regardless of your knowledge of the good and bad of things, you like to see things from your point of view. One of your most developed skills is being an intuitive woman.

You are a very loyal person with a big heart that very few people know how to value.

You are a person who is moved by your feelings and what your heart tells you, you never pay attention to what your mind says because you are afraid of being wrong. Do not be afraid to find the true love that knows how to take care of you and love you, because surely out in the world there will be someone who knows how to value you. You are a person who is thinking all the time and who loves life very much.

What do you think?

5- The perfect woman.

This means that you are a passionate person, a beautiful woman who fixes herself daily, a good mother, very attentive, a good life partner with the man who is by your side. You are an excellent cook who always tries to make things perfect and you take the time to give your partner the best care.

You are a woman with a lot of authority at home and everyone respects you, you have a great ability to relate to people.  You are a person with a lot of courage and you can’t stand ties, you love your independence and freedom.

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