The cow began to lose milk, and the farmer noticed that she was leaving in the evening for the forest. He decided to follow.

Steve, a farmer from Scotland, had a small group of dairy cows. One day, he noticed that Lila, who usually produced the most milk, had no milk at all. After confirming with the vet that the cow was healthy, Steve decided to investigate further. He followed Lila as she occasionally wandered into the nearby forest in the evenings. Steve always brought the cows to graze in a clearing near the forest, but he noticed that Lila would lag behind the others. Curious, he decided to follow her. Carefully, he approached without scaring her, until they reached a clearing surrounded by trees. Lila stood a little distance away, hiding something…


Steve came closer and spotted a small calf. Lila seemed to have brought it to the open area a couple of weeks ago, maybe to hide it from sight. It took the farmer about ten minutes to understand the reason behind this. Each calf we take away is raised separately from the grown-ups until they are ready to join a different group.


Steve informed the journalists that it seemed Leela was unhappy with the progress. As a result, the calf was left with the cow. Steve decided to rethink his approach to running the farm.

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