The Cow Began To Lose Milk, And The Farmer Noticed That She Was Leaving In The Evening For The Forest. He Decided To Follow.

Steve, a Scottish farmer, had a few dairy cows. One day, he noticed that Lila, usually the top milk producer, had no milk. After confirming with the vet that she was healthy, Steve decided to investigate further in the meadow near the forest. He found out that Lila sometimes wandered into the forest at night, so he decided to follow her.

Each time, the farmer led the cows to graze near the forest. The man saw that Leela was lagging behind, so he followed her. He approached carefully, trying not to frighten her, and finally reached a clearing surrounded by trees. The cow stood a bit further away, concealing something.


Steve walked over and saw a small calf. Lila had brought it to the clearing a couple of weeks ago, maybe to hide it. It took the farmer about ten minutes to understand the situation. Each calf is separated from the adults before joining a different herd.


Steve informed the press that Leela seemed unhappy with the situation. As a result, the cow stayed with the calf. Steve decided to rethink his farm management strategy.

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