The Best IKEA Hacks People Have Come Up With.

It seems that nowadays everyone has at least one piece of IKEA furniture at home and it’s not hard to see why – it’s cheap, easy to assemble, and there’s plenty to choose from. However, there’s one thing that IKEA furniture lacks – and that’s originality. And it becomes especially apparent when you visit your friend’s home and it looks almost identical to yours. But worry not – some creative people have come up with clever ‘IKEA hacks’ that will help turn your regular run-of-the-mill furniture into unique interior pieces for a fraction of the price.

Check out some of the most clever ‘IKEA hacks’ in the gallery below!

#1 Turn IKEA Frosta Stools Into A Large And Creative Cat Tree Along The Walls

Image source: shelterness

#2 IKEA Hacck

#3 Creating A “Fairy Princess Castle Bed” From An IKEA Kura

Image source: StrongMed

#4 A Hack For Pet Owners. I Took The Duktig Doll Bed And Converted Into A Cat Bunk Bed

Image source:

#5 My IKEA Hemnes Dresser Hack! Sanding The Top Down Was A Pain, But Turned Out Lovely 🙂

Image source: bdcari19

#6 I Made This From IKEA Products (Except For The Paint And Black Light). It’s A Shelf To Hold My Partner’s Tiny Nintendo Toys. I Put It In A Ribba 19”x 19” Frame. I Had To Buy Two Of The Lustigt Shelves To Have Enough Ladders.

Image source: PlahausBamBam

#7 IKEA Kallax Window Seat Hack

#8 Kallax Puppy-Proof Cat Feeding Station Station; Food And Treat Storage Above.

Image source: Nemo1ner

#9 IKEA Kallax Art Deco Console Hack

#10 Transformed My IKEA Lack Table

Image source: iris201196

#11 Add Black Marble Contact Paper And Gold Paint To The Vittsjö Coffee Table.

#12 I Used A Cnc Cutter To Engrave Tattoo Designs Into The Doors Of My IKEA Kallax.

Image source:

#13 My First IKEA Hack, Made From The Legendary Bekvam Spice Racks & A Couple Of Magnets 🙂

Image source: NyanCat82

#14 For Our Narrow Entryway, We Combined Two IKEA Hemnes Shoe Cabinets And Replaced The Original Tops With A Stained Wood Top. I Am So Happy With How This Hack Turned Out!

Image source:

#15 IKEA Card File Drawers Hack

Image source: thepaintedhive

#16 IKEA Hack

#17 Fritids , Hidden Cat Litter Box / Bench

Image source: Brothengar

#18 Used Karlby Countertops As Laundry Room Counter! Butt Joint The Counter Top To The Legs! Voxtorp Cupboards On The Top! Thoughts!

Image source: mgervasi293

#19 Beautiful Hall Of Bookcases From IKEA Hack – France [425 X 639]

Image source: tsahsiewfan

#20 Hamper Into Side Table

Image source: thriftyandchic

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