It seems that nowadays everyone has at least one piece of IKEA furniture at home and it’s not hard to see why – it’s cheap, easy to assemble, and there’s plenty to choose from. However, there’s one thing that IKEA furniture lacks – and that’s originality. And it becomes especially apparent when you visit your friend’s home and it looks almost identical to yours. But worry not – some creative people have come up with clever ‘IKEA hacks’ that will help turn your regular run-of-the-mill furniture into unique interior pieces for a fraction of the price.

Check out some of the most clever ‘IKEA hacks’ in the gallery below!

#1 Turn IKEA Frosta Stools Into A Large And Creative Cat Tree Along The Walls

Image source: shelterness

#2 IKEA Hacck

#3 Creating A “Fairy Princess Castle Bed” From An IKEA Kura

Image source: StrongMed

#4 A Hack For Pet Owners. I Took The Duktig Doll Bed And Converted Into A Cat Bunk Bed

Image source:

#5 My IKEA Hemnes Dresser Hack! Sanding The Top Down Was A Pain, But Turned Out Lovely 🙂

Image source: bdcari19

#6 I Made This From IKEA Products (Except For The Paint And Black Light). It’s A Shelf To Hold My Partner’s Tiny Nintendo Toys. I Put It In A Ribba 19”x 19” Frame. I Had To Buy Two Of The Lustigt Shelves To Have Enough Ladders.

Image source: PlahausBamBam

#7 IKEA Kallax Window Seat Hack

#8 Kallax Puppy-Proof Cat Feeding Station Station; Food And Treat Storage Above.

Image source: Nemo1ner

#9 IKEA Kallax Art Deco Console Hack

#10 Transformed My IKEA Lack Table

Image source: iris201196

#11 Add Black Marble Contact Paper And Gold Paint To The Vittsjö Coffee Table.

#12 I Used A Cnc Cutter To Engrave Tattoo Designs Into The Doors Of My IKEA Kallax.

Image source:

#13 My First IKEA Hack, Made From The Legendary Bekvam Spice Racks & A Couple Of Magnets 🙂

Image source: NyanCat82

#14 For Our Narrow Entryway, We Combined Two IKEA Hemnes Shoe Cabinets And Replaced The Original Tops With A Stained Wood Top. I Am So Happy With How This Hack Turned Out!

Image source:

#15 IKEA Card File Drawers Hack

Image source: thepaintedhive

#16 IKEA Hack

#17 Fritids , Hidden Cat Litter Box / Bench

Image source: Brothengar

#18 Used Karlby Countertops As Laundry Room Counter! Butt Joint The Counter Top To The Legs! Voxtorp Cupboards On The Top! Thoughts!

Image source: mgervasi293

#19 Beautiful Hall Of Bookcases From IKEA Hack – France [425 X 639]

Image source: tsahsiewfan

#20 Hamper Into Side Table

Image source: thriftyandchic