Thankful kangaroo offers a handshake after three men save it from freezing lake.

We find joy in witnessing people assist animals. It’s a job that often goes unnoticed, as animals don’t typically express gratitude for good deeds. However, there are moments when animals find endearing ways to say “thank you” to their rescuers. For instance, there was a kangaroo who extended a hand for a handshake to the men who saved him.

David Boyd, as reported by Daily Mail Australia, spotted a kangaroo struggling in the icy waters of Lake Burley Griffin in Canberra. Unfortunately, the poor animal was unable to escape.

Two courageous onlookers fearlessly faced the freezing waters to assist the kangaroo to safety.

The men cautiously approach the kangaroo to avoid surprising it. When they come near and attempt to grasp its arms to guide it to safety, the kangaroo begins to thrash its arms. However, undeterred, the men manage to seize the animal and guide it out of the water.

Another man joins in to lift the kangaroo onto solid ground and ensures the frightened and trembling creature remains calm. Despite their seemingly gentle nature, kangaroos can pose a threat if they sense danger. They possess formidable defenses such as a powerful punch resembling that of a boxer, sharp claws, and a kick that experts claim can cause severe harm.

Fortunately, the kangaroo appeared to comprehend that the men were present to assist. In a touching moment, it extended its paw as if to offer a handshake.

According to Daily Mail Australia, the man who was filming the rescue expresses his gratitude by saying, “Oh, he’s showing his appreciation.” The kangaroo was reported to be in a shocked state and took approximately 30 minutes to calm down.

However, as reported by Courier Mail, witnesses stated that the kangaroo eventually continued hopping on its journey, appearing unharmed by the incident.

Watch the heartwarming video below,

These men deserve a big thank you for rescuing the kangaroo! They truly earned that special gesture for saving the day.

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