Teen daughter disowns mother in favor of cheating dad – years later she comes back begging.

The woman questioned her decision of refusing to help her daughter after years of not being in touch, wondering if she should still be there for her despite being disowned in the past.

The incident occurred when the woman, seeking guidance from fellow Redditors, wedded a rich man.

She thought he was the perfect match for her, but after getting married and becoming pregnant, she discovered he had been unfaithful.

She convinced herself that he acted that way because she wasn’t there for him due to her pregnancy, so she chose to forgive him

However, some years later, he cheated again, and she could no longer put up with his infidelity so she decided to divorce him.

His and her family did not easily accept this decision. Her parents advised her to forgive him once more and remain together for the sake of their daughter, whereas his parents believed that getting a divorce would damage the family’s reputation since they were wealthy individuals well-known by many.

The woman realized that remaining with her husband would only intensify her existing misery, thus she made the choice to depart from him.

Sadly, he had power and she lost the custody over their daughter.

The young girl kept hearing that her mother was a bad person, so she never tried to contact her.

It was difficult not being able to be with her daughter, but the daughter had been distant for years until one day she showed up asking for help.

The woman’s former husband ended up losing all his money due to poor business choices and couldn’t afford to cover his daughter’s college expenses.

The daughter returned to her mother after a long time, asking for money and expressing a desire to rebuild their relationship.

The woman was uncertain if her daughter truly had a change of heart or if she was just trying to mend their relationship for financial reasons related to her education.

Even if she desired to assist her daughter financially, there is a condition in the woman’s will. It states that if she provides any financial support to her daughter, the daughter must give up her inheritance and not receive her mother’s money and assets after her death.

Actually, the woman named her goddaughter as the primary recipient.

The family discovered this and confronted the woman, accusing her of being a neglectful mother. They continue to believe that she is a terrible person for choosing her goddaughter over her own daughter, who simply wanted to reach out to her mother during times of financial struggle.

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