Tattooed Teacher Banned From Class, ‘kids Think It’s Terrible’

The figure of the teacher is very important for the education and upbringing of each of us: Especially in childhood, the relationship with the teachers can have a decisive influence on the attitude towards school and studies. Many people recall both pleasant and unpleasant episodes from that time, some of which were so significant that they stuck in their memories.

Every teacher should know how to value their students in the classroom and build a relationship of mutual respect with their students.

How important is looks in all of this? It seems to have some meaning, according to a teacher who was removed from some classes because of his tattoos.

Sylvain Helaine  is a teacher who has been working in schools in the UK and France for over ten years. His face and body are covered with tattoos. Even his tongue and eyes are filled with ink: the lightbulbs are completely black.

The man traveled to Switzerland for the delicate and dangerous operation. After the treatment, he was blind for several days. He therefore advises against following his example, since many people do not regain their sight.

For the man, however, his appearance is a strength: his excess could teach children something fundamental, which is tolerance for others.

But not everyone agrees with his point of view: Sylvain was even banned from teaching children under the age of six because he was considered “too scary”

Helain has spent a whopping £52,000 on his tattoos. This earned him the nickname “the scariest teacher alive” and resulted in his being removed from some classes. The decision was made based on a specific incident: a three-year-old boy allegedly had a nightmare after seeing him.

“He complained to his parents, and they wrote a letter to my superiors,” says Helaine, who remains proud of his looks and sees it as educational: “Kids who see me learn tolerance for others. Once they do as adults are less likely to become racist and no longer see disabled people as part of a circus.

What do you think of this story? Is it right to take away Sylvain’s ability to teach younger children, or do you agree with his point of view?

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