Surprising Arrival, Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden Welcome Second Baby at 51 and 45.

Benji Madden and Cameron Diaz have been married for more than nine years. They had a daughter four years ago and have kept her away from the public eye ever since. But now, the couple has shared the exciting news of their second child, a son named Cardinal.

The couple surprised everyone by announcing the birth of their son on Instagram, despite being private about their personal lives. They shared a photo of artwork with the words “A little bird whispered to me.”

The caption from the couple said, “We are happy and thrilled to let everyone know that our Son, Cardinal Madden, has been born. He is amazing and we are all very happy that he is here!” They also mentioned that they won’t be sharing any pictures of their kids to ensure their safety and privacy.

The couple has a history of keeping their family news private. They got married in 2015 and had their daughter Raddix in 2019, revealing her birth only later. Cameron Diaz shared, “She has already stolen our hearts and made our family whole.”

The couple is extremely happy with their new baby, but they also have a strong desire to safeguard their children’s privacy. They haven’t disclosed any information about their son’s birth, but a close source revealed that they faced numerous challenges to have their daughter and view her as a miracle.

Not everyone is in favor of their choice to have a child at this stage of their lives. Some people have expressed disapproval of Cameron’s age, with one person on Instagram saying, “Why would anyone want to become a parent at 51 years old?” However, as with any decision, there will always be varying viewpoints.

Benji and Cameron are content and appreciative of their expanding family, despite any negative feedback. They have decided to maintain their children’s privacy, and we should honor their choice.

We hope for the best for them as they start this new chapter as a family of four.

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