A Team Of Students Presents The First Solar-powered Mobile Home: It Has A Range Of 730 Km.

The sustainable mobility is a reality that, in all respects, is part of our present and will be part of our future. Designing and producing vehicles with a low environmental impact is a real challenge, which requires courage, brilliant ideas and to be applied as widely as possible, so that travel without polluting and without placing too much strain on the planet’s resources is within the reach of all, and in any context.

And when we talk about that, we obviously also mean the design of vehicles for specific tasks, like the one we are about to present to you. What is it about ? A revolutionary mobile home designed by a team of students from Eindhoven University of Technology, the first in the world to be fully solar powered. One only needs to look at it to realize that it is a vehicle that is nothing short of futuristic, but the practical implications of which could change the way many people go on vacation.


image credit: Solar Team Eindhoven

Her name is Stella Vita, and this name was not chosen at random. This vehicle is powered, in every sense of the word, by energy from the sun.

Looking at it, it’s impossible not to notice the large solar panels on the roof. It is thanks to them that this house on wheels is able to produce enough energy not only to move from side to side but also to operate all the accessories on board.


image credit: Solar Team Eindhoven

So forget about classic motorhomes, caravans, or mobile homes: Stella Vita can do whatever you need, without harming the environment, but using a vital, primary, and always available source such as light. from the sun.


image credit: Solar Team Eindhoven

Cooking, hot water, supply of electronic devices and household appliances: the user who boards this special caravan can consciously choose how and in what quantity to use the energy supplied by the panels, thanks to a sophisticated system that indicates the energy remaining and the different options available with it.


image credit: Solar Team Eindhoven

What about autonomy ? Faced with such a vehicle, it is normal to ask the question. According to the design team, Stella Vita can travel up to 730 km in sunny weather and up to 600 km in cloudy skies.

When stationary, the motorhome can double the surface of its solar panels, which open “in a wing” and, in this way, recharge the batteries more quickly, while increasing the interior space available for the occupants. A full charge takes about two days of sun exposure.


image credit: Solar Team Eindhoven

In summary, the vehicle presented by the students of Eindhoven really seems to represent the future of sustainable travel. Stella Vita has already been tested over long distances and, despite some small initial problems, the experience is very promising.

What do you think of this solar mobile home?

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Solar Team Eindhoven

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