Street Singer Asks Stranger If She ‘Knows Journey’ And Is Shocked When She Grabs The Mic.

Dovydas, a musician who travels, often performs for the public on the street. It’s captivating to listen to him play as he possesses immense talent and is also open to sharing the limelight.

Dovydas has been performing like this for many years, which is truly incredible. This even includes the moment captured in the video below, where he chose to interact with someone from the audience.

Dovydas is famous for finding talented individuals and giving them a chance to shine. On this particular day, he was encouraged by a father who pointed out his daughter and mentioned that she was a singer. It was later revealed that she had been a fan of the street singer for six years and had been eagerly waiting to meet him.

Vera was chosen from the crowd to sing a song with him. When he inquired about her singing preferences, she replied that she could sing anything. He then asked if she knew any Journey songs, to which she happily confirmed.

Dovydas began by playing the music. As a solo musician, it took him a while to synchronize everything and start playing the guitar. Vera also needed some time to get ready, not only because she was performing in front of an audience, but also because the music was different from what you would normally hear for that song.

Once he was ready and the music started, she began singing, creating a flawless performance. You can watch the video to see for yourself.

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