Stray Dog ​​enters The House Of A Man Who Left The Door Open

Jack Jokinen was awakened during the night by a whisper from his wife, she was telling him that there was a stranger in the house. Downstairs, in the living room, he saw a dog sitting on the floor. It was not clear how the dog got into the house since all the windows and front doors were closed . The young man thought that someone else might have entered the apartment and checked all the rooms and closets, but there was no one.

Jack reviewed the video and saw that when he returned from a walk with his dog George at night, he had not slammed the door shut. A strong gust of wind opened it . That’s how the homeless dog entered the house . After a while, a person passing by on the street saw the door open and closed it.

The homeless dog that came into the house, named Susie, was drenched and shivering with cold, she was dried and warmed up . Jack and his wife decided to take the dog to a shelter, but when they saw how exhausted and scared he was, they took pity on him. Finally the couple decided to take the dog to the vet. The doctor told them that the dog was nine years old, although he looked like a puppy . Susie had an infection in her paw and required serious dental work . She had hordes of fleas and ticks all over the dog’s body .

After Jack made a post about Susie on social media, he was able to raise $15,000 for her treatment . It is not known how many years the dog lived on the street, but now a happy time in his life has come from him. He lives in a warm house with wonderful owners who have cared for him.

Share this amazing story with your friends and family so you can help more dogs like Susie.

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