Strange looking contraption has the entire internet scratching its head.

At times, men may feel perplexed by the different tools women use for their daily maintenance. You often encounter posts featuring a familiar item used by women, accompanied by a question asking men to recognize its purpose.

If you’re curious and want a good laugh, keep reading to find out about this situation that left many people puzzled and scratching their heads. You won’t be disappointed!

The Reddit user was puzzled when they stumbled upon a peculiar device, unsure of its purpose. They couldn’t figure out what the product was meant for.

They only had one hint to rely on – the product had the brand name ‘Decathlon,’ suggesting it was related to sports or exercise.

The user reached out to a Reddit community seeking answers. They expressed, “my mind is in the gutter drawing blanks.” Since they couldn’t figure out the purpose of the product, they sought assistance on social media.


After sharing the photo of the unusual gadget, their curiosity was quickly satisfied when someone who knew about it responded to the initial inquiry and explained its purpose!

The abs exerciser is a basic item! It’s sold online as a small abs exerciser. How does it assist with ab exercises? It’s designed to improve your posture while working out your abs, reducing strain on your neck.


The device is ideal for individuals who experience neck tension during crunches. It prevents your neck muscles from overworking and becoming cramped or tense. It is especially suitable for those who prefer working out at home using their own body weight for exercise. Simply hold onto the handles, position the rest behind your head, and perform ab crunches as you normally would.

The device in the picture confused many people. Just by looking at it, you can’t figure out what it’s for!

This explanation is too complex for such a simple thing! What are your thoughts on this device? Leave a comment and share this mind-blowing product with others to see if they can guess its purpose correctly!

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