Stay Alone Until You Find A Man Who Will Do These 8 Things

It’s really hard, quite bumpy and curvy to find a pure, deep, genuine, once-in-a-lifetime kind of love. But, it doesn’t say that it’s impossible to find it.

The true, deep love you’ve been searching for is waiting for you to find it. But most importantly, that kind of love requires a lot of patience. There are some people who jump from one relationship to another just for the sake of being in a relationship or because of loneliness or boredom.

It’s wrong to start a relationship with someone just because you think being single will make you feel lonely, bored, or miserable. Don’t make it a reason to commit your time and attention to someone. That’s not the reason that causes you to create a deep emotional, mental, and spiritual bond with someone. That’s not real love.

True love is pure, deep, and genuine and never hides behind loneliness, boredom, or fear. It brings only sadness and despair. It leaves you broken-hearted and desperate.

So, stay single until you find a man whose soul is aligned with yours. He will wear his heart on his sleeve and show you how much you mean to him, will be able to touch parts of your soul that no one has ever touched, will choose you every day, and prove that you have taken the correct decision.

1.Stay single until you find a man who will keep his promises.

A man who has integrity and is always true to his word, a man who will call you when he says he will, a man who will take you out on a dinner when he promises, is the perfect match for you.

Stay single until you find a man who will keep his promises, no matter how big or small, and who will make you his priority.

2. Stay single until you find a man who will miss you when you’re not around.

Stay single until you find a guy who will be crazy in love with you and love spending time with you. He will call to ask you if you’re okay and how you spent your day or just to hear your voice when you’re away.

The perfect man will let you know how much he misses you when you’re not close to him. He will make you feel that you are the world to him.

3. Stay single until you find a man who will wear his heart on his sleeve.

A truly loving man will show his through his words and also though his actions. He will wear his heart on his sleeve and show all his vulnerabilities to his woman.

This person will treat you with kindness, compassion, dignity, and a lot of love and affection. He wants to make you feel like you’re the happiest and most loved and important woman on the earth. So, wait until he comes to you.

4. Stay single until you find a man who will be willing to solve your relationship problems.

The perfect guy will talk out every issue you come across in your relationship. He will give his best to ensure you and he will find a solution to it that will be the most reasonable and best for both of you when you have an argument.

When he’s said or done something that has hurt your feelings, he won’t put the blame on you. He will admit his mistakes and apologize to you. He will do all these things because he truly cares about you and wants to keep the relationship he has with you.

5. Stay single until you find a man who will be proud of you.

Stay until you find a man who shows he’s proud of everything you are and everything you do. This man will talk about you with admiration and joy in his eyes to his family and friends. He’ll also be happy for you when you achieve your goals and make your dreams a reality. He will definitely challenge and motivate you to pursue higher goals too.

You need a man who will be proud of you for who you are, who will love you with all your insecurities, fears, and imperfections. The perfect partner will let everyone know how proud and happy he feels for having you in his life.

6. Stay single until you find a man who will stand up for you.

The perfect partner will go out of his way to ensure his woman feels safe and protected. He doesn’t let anyone criticize her or make her feel unworthy in his presence. He will walk through fire to protect her from anyone who would try to hurt her feelings. He’s only afraid of is losing her.

And, of course, when a man is deeply and sincerely in love, he makes sure he doesn’t put himself in a position to do something that would break his woman’s heart.

He will also never do something to break your heart if he truly loves and cares for you.

7. Stay single until you find a man who will make you feel amazing in every way.

If he truly loves you, he will make you feel happy, emotionally fulfilled, loved, and respected. He won’t make you feel like you’re wasting your time and energy on him.

He will love to know of all your qualities, both outside and inner beauty, and worth. He will make sure you’re aware of your own value too.

8. Stay single until you find a man who will prove worthy of your love.

This man will treat you like no other guy has ever treated you. He will make you feel in ways like no other guy’s ever made you feel. He doesn’t want some fun or wants to fill some voids in his soul with you. He will prove that he is with you as you occupy a special place in his heart.

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