Starbucks Worker Reduced To Tears With 8-Hour Shift.

Life is not easy, but we usually try our best to handle whatever comes our way, especially when it comes to our jobs. We may not always be satisfied with our circumstances.

Certain individuals have a strong affection for their jobs, while others despise them. There are also individuals who have mixed feelings about their work. Occasionally, they find pleasure in what they do, but there are days when all they can do is grumble.

When we express dissatisfaction, we usually confide in our friends and family. Sometimes, we might vent to coworkers or even our supervisor. But one Starbucks worker took a different approach by venting to the world while hiding in the stock room and recording a video that went viral.

He was unhappy with his job as he had to work 25 hours a week and two 8-hour shifts on the weekend.

Working long hours can be challenging, especially for a full-time student like this Starbucks employee. However, there are moments when it’s best to endure silently and push through.

The worker was struggling to hold back tears while discussing his time at Starbucks. He was considering leaving his job and joining a union.

Naturally, not everyone in the comments showed understanding towards his emotions. Some lacked sympathy, while others advised him to toughen up.

Other individuals also supported his viewpoint, stating that he had every right to feel frustrated with Starbucks and his manager. Working eight-hour shifts is not uncommon, but when combined with being a full-time student, it can become overwhelming.

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