Spray Paint On Dry Plants: The New “Trend” For Those Who Do Not Have A Green Thumb.

How do you manage to maintain the plants? If you have a green thumb, this is certainly a good thing: with you, flowers, shrubs and the like will always enjoy excellent health, regardless of the time of year and other factors.

What if you are not? First of all, know that you are not alone. For many, we assure you, it has happened not to take care of the plants in the best way, despite being driven by a great force of will and strong motivations. If you are not proud of your gardening accomplishments, you can always consider joining the new ” trend ” that we are going to tell you about. No, we’re not about to reveal a miraculous trick to bringing your green friends back to life, but an original way to make them look less shabby.


image credit: Joanna Sztabaluk / Facebook

Spray paint. If you’ve frowned upon reading these words, read on because that’s exactly what many people use to bring their plants to life , at least from an aesthetic point of view.

When there really is nothing left for the plants to do, there is often no solution but to throw them away. And yet, several people have decided not to do it and opt for another strategy. What are they doing? They paint the plants with colored sprays.


image credit: Jeanette Krause/Facebook

This is definitely an extravagant idea, one that might not appeal to many, although others think it is just great.

Look at these plants: would you say they are not healthy? If you answered no, then you are ready to give it a try. Red, purple, blue, green, pink: the shades are numerous, and, with a good application, they will be able to give back to your flowers the look they once had , before they dry up irreparably.


image credit: Cindy Annis/Facebook

There are those who have painted their dried plants red, for example for Christmas or those who have opted for other bright colors that make it look like they have just come out of the nursery.


image credit: Brenda Edwards/Facebook

Of course, what we should always do is make sure they stay healthy, but when that isn’t possible and we don’t want to get rid of the plants we care about so much, it can be. a solution.


image credit: Sally Schroeder/Facebook

What about aesthetics? Mostly yes, although it’s a good tip for those who don’t have the makings of a gardener or a green thumb. And what do you think? Would you make such a choice for your dry plants?

source used: Metro

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