Simon Said It’s The Best Audition Ever, Little Girl Shocks ‘britain’s Got Talent’ With Stunning Performance.

Olivia Lynes’s mother wrote a heartfelt letter to Amanda Holden, a judge on “Britain’s Got Talent,” which helped Olivia gain fame on the show. In the letter, Olivia’s mother expressed that her daughter deserved a chance to showcase her talent due to her exceptional voice.

Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth’s song “Defying Gravity” is popular. Olivia was anxious about singing it, but she went on stage anyway. Her mom was upset and started crying before Olivia began.

Olivia started her small show by singing a few songs. However, something unexpected happened as the song went on. Her powerful voice mesmerized the whole crowd. In the middle of the song, everyone in the audience stood up, amazed by the incredible sound they were experiencing.

The audience and judges stood up and clapped for Olivia when she finished singing. Her emotional performance made two judges cry. Amanda Holden used the golden buzzer to send Olivia to the live shows.

Tears were anticipated during the emotional moment, so viewers were told to have tissues ready. The young singer’s impressive first performance on “Britain’s Got Talent” was made even more special when Amanda joined her on stage for a hug.

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