Shy British Girl, Stuns America’s Got Talent with Incredible Performance. The Golden Buzzer was Inevitable.

Courtney Hadwin, a young British teenager, surprised everyone with her performance on America’s Got Talent. Despite her initial shyness and nervousness, Courtney bravely took the stage at just 13 years old and even shared her anxiety with the judges.

Mel B attempted to comfort her by assuring, “No need to worry. Despite the crowd and the vast stage, you clearly have a reason for being here. Give it a shot. I wish you all the best.”

Courtney amazed the judges and the audience when she started singing “Hard to Handle” by Otis Redding. Everyone was in awe of her incredible performance, leaving them speechless.

When the song ended, she received a standing ovation. Her dad, along with host Tyra Banks, watched from backstage. Simon Cowell exclaimed, “Wow, Courtney!” Your transformation from a shy girl to a confident singer is truly impressive.

After Howie Mandel pressed the golden buzzer, she confidently moved on to the live performances without any hesitation.

Courtney’s performance on The Voice Kids UK received a lot of praise on Twitter, and she gained many new followers as a result.

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