Shy British Girl, Stuns America’s Got Talent with Incredible Performance. The Golden Buzzer was Inevitable.

When British teenager Courtney Hadwin auditioned for America’s Got Talent, no one could have predicted what would happen next. As she nervously stepped onto the stage, 13-year-old Courtney appeared very shy and anxious. She even admitted her nerves to the judges.

Mel B told her, “Don’t worry. There are many people here and the stage is big, but you belong here for a reason. Give it a shot. Good luck!”

Courtney amazed everyone when she started singing “Hard to Handle” by Otis Redding. The judges and the audience were in awe of her incredible talent, leaving them speechless.

When the song ended, everyone in the audience stood up and clapped for her. Her dad looked so happy backstage with Tyra Banks. “Wow, Courtney!” Simon Cowell, who is known for being really critical, exclaimed. At first, you seemed shy, but now your singing is so powerful. Amazing!

Without hesitating, she moved on to the live shows as soon as Howie Mandel hit the golden buzzer.

Twitter was buzzing with praise for Courtney’s show, and she gained a bunch of new fans. Courtney had been on The Voice Kids UK before.

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