Shelter Puppy Rescued His Best Friend When He Got Lost On A Walk

Dogs are not only the best friends of human beings, but also a great company in the home. But thanks to their developed senses on emergency occasions they can become heroes. That’s why it’s good to have a furry friend around. It is no coincidence that many dogs are part of security and rescue teams. Because they have shown they have the capacity and tools to act in high-risk situations. When your skills are most needed. So it was with this shelter dog who helped find another puppy that had been recently adopted .

This is the case of George, a 2-year-old lurcher, who went out in rescue work when the staff of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) of Lancashire East, in England, needed help. your help. The puppy that had been lost just a few days after his adoption was Louis, after becoming a hero for his furry friend, his family and the community, he hopes this act will help him get his own home Of the. « Louis was always a nervous dog by nature, but while he was with us, he and George developed a beautiful friendship. They adored each other, so while we were excited when Louis found his new family, we were heartbroken for George when he was left behind.s”, said the director of the center.

« When Louis’s new owners got in touch to say that he had run away while on a hike, we were very concerned. Despite many searches, help from a local tracking group and numerous sightings, Louis was too scared to let anyone get close to him ,” added director Jeanette Ainscough. Jeanette explained that, after 24 hours of the search, it did not bear fruit, they decided to go after George so that he could join in the tracking work . « They spent more than two hours walking, but without a single sighting, they were preparing to call it a day when George stopped and froze in place. Looking at a specific area in the distance ,” Jeanette recounted.

That was how Louis appeared when he sensed George and approached him . There the lost dog felt again in a safe place being with his friend again . « George loved his day and he was an absolute star, helping us catch Louis. He was the hero of the moment. I’m sure if George hadn’t been with us, we’d still be looking for Louis today ,” said the director. The next challenge is to find a home for George who has proven to be a great dog with very special gifts.

Share with your friends and family this beautiful story of rescue and reunion at the same time. So that they see the power that an animal has when it comes to friendship.

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