She spends almost 1200 euros a month on her 1 year old, “the mothers who judge me are just jealous”

Is it our children’s duty to do everything right? But is there perhaps a limit to the attention that should be given to him? Let’s be clear, basic care and love are certainly not an option to discuss: nourishment, a home, an education, and a lot of affection are necessary to raise a child.

And yet many mothers have objected to the habits of the woman protagonist of this story. She certainly doesn’t let her little one miss what was said above, in fact, she does much more. Maybe too much more.

The “unbridled” lifestyle of the influencer


Jodie Weston is the girl in question: a 30-year-old DJ and influencer from London whose declarations have caused a great outcry. The woman revealed that she spends thousands of euros on her only son, Koa, who is one year old, and does so by buying him toys of all kinds, high fashion designer clothes, and carefully chosen delicious food. A child’s pajamas can easily cost hundreds of euros.

Furthermore, the 30-year-old declared that she refuses to go on holiday if she cannot make the most of the experience: for her, every trip must be a sign of luxury. To celebrate Koa’s first year of life, she and her partner took the baby to Disneyland Paris spending more than 8,000 euros in just 4 days.

If you can afford it, if you have the money, why restrain yourself? I know the value of money well, but I also know that I have an only son to whom I want to give everything. I am careful not to go into debt in any way, so what harm is there in enjoying the comfort and luxury that are within my reach?,” the woman declared. So the reactions of the other mothers did not take long to arrive and the controversy broke out.

The reactions of other mothers


What was the need to take such a small child to Disneyland?! He won’t even realize where was” someone told her and this was just one of the many complaints Jodie received: after appearing on TV and talking about some of her habits on a TV show she was literally targeted with criticism and insults, even very heavy ones.

There were those who even sent me an email listing 50 points according to which I am unbearable, who told me wrote on social media to tell me how unpleasant my voice is, one person told me that he would burn one of his branded t-shirts because he had seen an identical one wearing me.” He confessed to the DJ.

However, he believes that these people are just jealous of his economic possibilities and that ultimately they too would like to lead a glamorous life like his. “Anyone who knows me well knows that I’m not made for a ‘normal’ existence, I know I’m special,” he said.

In short, the young woman has very clear ideas about how she intends to educate her son, but some would rather say “spoil”. Do you think her philosophy of life is right?

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