She no longer likes her tattoos, a famous tattoo artist decides to cover them by tattooing herself completely black

Anyone can get tired of their tattoos, including tattoo artists themselves, who are usually the biggest fans of permanent tattoos. Here’s how this famous body artist decided to hide them.

Famous tattoo artist hides her tattoos with black ink


It can happen that we get a tattoo of something that, over time, no longer suits us and that we would like to remove. Although the choice to print indelible ink on the skin should always be carefully considered, we cannot know whether or not in a few years we will regret the decision made at another time in life . This is what happened to Kat Von D, a famous tattoo artist with a huge following on social networks, who decided to hide the drawings that cover his body and which are no longer in phase with his identity. Indeed, the woman was a convinced follower of occultism and the Gothic style, and her tattoos reflected her beliefs and ideologies.

However, after getting closer to Christianity by being baptized in October 2022 and has found faith in At the age of 41, she decided to cover the drawings with black ink, thus becoming “total black”. The woman wanted to show one of the recovery sessions on her Instagram account, explaining to her subscribers the reason for her choice. “After 17 sessions and almost 40 hours in total, we darkened approximately 80% of my body. I constantly go to Philadelphia to continue this work. Before you comment negatively, remember: what you consider ugly can be beautiful to someone else,” said Kat Von D, before attempting to preemptively answer certain potential and legitimate questions, dispelling doubts about his unusual decision.

Kat Von D explains why she decided to cover her tattoos with black ink

Kat Von D/Facebook

If you don’t like your tattoos, why not remove them with a laser?” is the question written in its publication by the artist herself, who replied: “Actually, I started removing tattoos with laser, and although I think it’s 39;s effective, personally I wasn’t a good candidate given the amount of coverage I wanted to remove. Lasing is a slow (and extremely painful) process that, depending on the tattoo, may require more than 10 sessions, including long periods of interim healing. » This therefore explains the choice to opt for a black cover rather than a complete removal. The tattoo artist also clarifies that she does not intend to do white tattoos over black ink because she loves the simplicity of this color.

Another possible question she wanted to answer in her long message concerns the potentially harmful effect on health. “I’ve had tattoos for almost three decades and have never felt any negative effects. Personally, I think there is more toxicity in most of the foods we eat, in the makeup we apply, and in the chemicals found in cleaning products. »

Finally, Kat gets to the heart of the matter, which is why she decided to cover up all her tattoos. “I had a lot of tattoos that represented a part of my life that is no longer in alignment with who I am today hui. Some people are fine with retaining these cues over time, but personally, I was tired of waking up to them and seeing these constant reminders every time I looked in the mirror. Plus, I really like the aesthetic. I know it’s not for everyone, but for me, it’s very satisfying to see nothing when I look at my arms. »

Internet users’ reaction to the tattoo artist’s black cover

Kat Von D/Facebook

In the video shared with her fans, the tattoo artist shows the left side of her back now completely covered in black ink, which will extend to the rest of his body over the next few sessions. It also presents some moments of the procedure and the tools used. On her chest, she previously had an angel drawn, while along her arm was a woman in vintage clothing and several roses. His post was a way of explaining his decision to his subscribers, seeking to anticipate and prevent possible criticism and negative judgments, which nevertheless arrived.

“ You would think that all the hatred comes from people opposed to religion or Christianity. The worst, however, are precisely the Christians. It was really sad… because it’s not at all Christian to judge people or judge their journey. I think it’s really crazy to live in a time when people still judge a book by its cover. I didn’t know there was a uniform to wear once you’ve given your heart to Jesus,” she explained. >

And you, what do you think? Do you agree with her?

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