She Looks Out The Window And Sees An Owl Flying With A Strange Companion.

It often happens that we are walking and come across something unusual, but too often we don’t pay attention to it, we rather pass it by with our eyes. It is only afterward that we wonder if what we saw was real or not. Especially if the protagonists of the image that has just passed before our eyes are animals. For example, it can happen, and it is not uncommon, to see a bird, in this case a magpie, with a glass clutched in its beak. Although this sight may seem strange, it is normal because this type of animal is attracted to shiny things. But the scene that the woman in the story was confronted with is quite unique.

At the center of the story, an owl flew over the sky over Eureka, Illinois (United States). If that had been the case, there would have been nothing strange and the townspeople would not have been worried. But this was not the case, because at first glance, what was hovering in the American sky did not seem to be an owl, but a witch with her flying broomstick.

One day, a woman received a call from one of her neighbors, who told her to immediately go out into the yard and look up, but more importantly warned her to Watch the scene carefully, because she wouldn’t believe what she was going to see. At first the woman didn’t understand what was happening because she couldn’t find anything wrong, but upon closer inspection she noticed that something had landed on the table. One of the branches of the pine she had in the garden, an owl.

Later, the woman and her family realized that the bird had a very special traveling companion

The owl had decided to catch and carry away the toy left unattended by a child, which was nothing more than a stick with a stuffed horse’s head. It is not known why the bird chose this game, perhaps it just wanted company, but this is not the first time that animals of its species have acted in this way.

The story left Internet users and residents of Eureka speechless, an incredible scene which, after an initial scare, made everyone laugh out loud. Curious videos of the owl in question are also circulating on the web.

Did you immediately understand what it was about?

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