She Is 50 Years Old, But Everyone mistook her For Her Son’s Girlfriend, Her Secret Is A Life Dedicated To Physical Exercise.

A common problem for adults is the fact that their chronological age does not coincide with what could be established from appearance some appear younger than he is and those who, due to a few too many white hairs or a few wrinkles here and there, appear older. The case of Liu Yelin borders on the unimaginable: she is a 50-year-old Chinese woman who, however, looks just over 20. If you see her at next to your 22-year-old son you would mistake them for their peers. As she states, people often get intrusive to find out about her beauty secret: but she reveals it without any problem…

It’s not genetics or cosmetic surgery: the beauty that Liu demonstrates today was earned through sweat and physical effort.

He loves sport and has dedicated himself to fitness, particularly swimming, for more than 30 years.

He says he regularly swims in the Chinese Yangtse River and the Korean Han River in the fall.

One of her proudest achievements was a 12km swim in just 4 hours.

On Chinese social media her photos are envious: when she holds the hand of her 22-year-old son, she is mistaken for his girlfriend!

Its secret is that of a healthy and balanced life, in which sport in all its forms is the protagonist.

People who are not resigned to her beauty do not accept the fact that to stay fit even after 40 you have to work hard.

It would be all too easy to turn to cosmetic surgery.

Liu Yelin is a very special case because not everyone has his qualities: consistency, tenacity and balance.

A body like his can’t be achieved overnight by going on a diet and working out in the gym.

But we can still learn a lesson: the date shown on the identity card has very little value!

As she herself writes, “Beauty (and therefore youth) is an attitude towards life!”

photo credit – Liu Yelin/Weibo

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