She Has Traveled All The Countries In The World And Shares Her 9 Favorites.

Cassandra De Pecol , is a girl originally from Connecticut, United States, who has known 196 countries of the world in 18 months and 26 days. She even holds a world record for being the first person to have traveled all the countries in the world in less time .

For this girl, it all began in 2012, at the age of 23 . In order to raise money to tour the 196 countries of the world, she held multiple jobs and worked very hard until she raised $10,000 for her trip.

Her great adventure could not have been so successful without the help of sponsorships from brands and hotels around the world. The young woman raised $198,000 during her trip. She spent from 2 to 5 days in each country and she traveled the world on more than 255 flights, she even filled 4 passports with pure stamps.

The girl has written a book called “Expedition 196” in which she recounts her experiences around the world, dealing with people, nature, cultures , among others. Today the young woman has become a philanthropic activist dedicated to the empowerment of women and the sustainable development of the planet.

Cassandra tells us what her 9 favorite places are:

1. Mongolia

“Mongolia is a great country, with its vast natural landscapes anyone will fall in love, I did this trip on my 27th birthday and I was sponsored by a beautiful yurt camp called Jalman Meadows Wilderness Camp. During the week of my stay I felt that I had separated from the real world, I enjoyed nature, I rode Yaks, I milked cows, I visited the locals, one of the things that I loved the most was that I made friends with a Siberian husky, who accompanied me during my excursions daily. It is a beautiful country that I definitely recommend you enjoy”.

2. Oman

“It is a beautiful and incredible country and very safe. This country is a neighbor of Yemen, which makes the unaccustomed traveler feel a bit weary. Oman is not as touristy a country as its neighbor, but it is attractive because it surrounds Yemen and offers incredible culture, friendliness, and local heritage.

It is a country that has a massive financial success which allows it to be a clean country with a lot to offer tourists. I loved their desert, as well as the kabsa that you eat with your hands”.

3. Peru

“When I was 21 years old, I made a trip from Bolivia to Ecuador, making Aguas Calientes my home for several months. In order to have a place to sleep and eat for free I had to work as a waitress in a hostel in the town, on my days off I did sustainability consulting for a luxury hotel called Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel. Peru is one of my most beloved countries because it was the first country where I dedicated enough time to develop my career. I spent my 22nd birthday at the top of Machu Picchu and experienced my first and only robbery. I had so many adventures there that it is in my top 5 countries.”

4. United States

“The United States is my home, the place where I was born and grew up, which is called ¨The land of opportunities¨ . It is a country full of cultures from all over the world, you can find food from any type of cuisine, you can meet people who are interested in so many things of any type. It is a country full of lakes, rivers, oceans, volcanoes, 4200-meter peaks, waterfalls, jungles, geysers, deserts, you can surf, ski, train in classical ballet or compete in a Toud Mudder, you can start a business, fail, but never give up, women respect each other and have freedom of expression, it is a wonderful place and for all this it is my favorite country”.

5. Maldives

It seems to be like any other island but it is a place full of culture with tropical sandbanks and diversity. One of the most beautiful things about the Maldives is that it is an Islamic country  that the locals have taken seriously, even the female staff in hotels are required to cover up even if they are not Muslim. They respect tourists who decide to rest in a bathing suit and shorts. The beaches are hospitable and very beautiful . It is a highly recommended place for honeymoons or just to relax.”

6. Butane

“Bhutan is a country that, no matter how time passes, continues to maintain its beauty thanks to the massive tourist fee that visitors must pay to enter. The time I was in the country cost me $250 per day just for the visa. I decided to stay several days and I do not regret it. Never in my life have I known such a captivating place. I took a flight with Druk Air, the only airline that flies there but it is only for the brave to fly over the mountains, it is even considered one of the most dangerous flights in the world. When I got there I fell in love with the place, one of the activities I did was plant trees in an area where a world record for planting 49,672 trees in one hour was previously broken.”

7. Iceland

“ It is a simply beautiful country with an ancient and intrinsic beauty, what fascinates me the most is its natural history. This country is one of the few places where you can see the tectonic plates that meet each other. Its natural beauty is truly breathtaking, from the glaciers to the Northern Lights, even the infamous Blue Lagoon, it is the perfect place for any traveler.”

8. Antarctica

“I took a trip to Antarctica in 2017 with Quark Expeditions and it has been a pleasant experience. We went through a category 10 storm with winds reaching 60 mph and waves up to 30 feet crossing Drakes Passage , aiming to find peace and silence on the other side. My trip to Antarctica has been one of the most memorable experiences I have. I never imagined that penguins would be so adorable and that green moss could grow on the land masses.”

9. Pakistan

“Although for many it can be a dangerous place, I consider it one of my favorite countries, especially since I spent a lot of time traveling from Karachi to Lahore to Islamabad and I am really grateful for this experience. What I have loved the most about this country has been its natural landscapes that vary from beach to cloud forest and vast mountain ranges, the food cannot be left behind, the sweet Gulab Jamun is my favorite. To be honest, I felt safe in this country and I was surprised to learn that I did not have to wear a hijab during my stay.”

There is no doubt that this girl has lived too many very exciting experiences.

What do you think about his travels? Would you like to live something like that?

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