She Has 16 Children But Does Not Intend To Stop: “It’s My Body That Will Decide”

To be a mother is the wish of many women: some want one or two children, others dream of a large family . Having a child is a constant commitment: not only must parents take care of it, but they must also be ready to change their daily habits. When she met her future husband Ray, Jen didn’t want children: she didn’t see herself as a mother. Ray, however, has proven to be a very persuasive man: the couple now have 16 children and Jen says she wants more .


image credit: The Bonell Family/Facebook

The Bonell family is made up of nine boys and seven girls aged 30 to 4: Jesse, Brooke, Claire, Natalie, Karl, Samuel, Cameron, Sabrina, Tim, Brandon, Eve, Nate, Rachel, Eric, Damian and Katelyn. We must not confuse the names, remember the birthday of each child, know the habits of each child, his personality, how to satisfy him. Ray and Jen have seen their lives change in a very short time: they are now the parents of Australia’s largest family. After the arrival of their first two children, Jen wanted a third, but they did not stop and still want to expand their family.


image credit: The Bonell Family/Facebook

The couple run a YouTube channel where they talk about managing their huge family. In a recent video, the woman was asked if they are going to have more children. She said: “We would love to have more children. We are very happy with what we have, but we are very open to the idea of ​​having more. Eventually, age and the next season of life. will prevent that, but there is always hope. If it happens, it happens. We are happy either way. ” She added: ” We will continue to have children until we cannot have any more .”


image credit: The Bonell Family/Facebook

She says it is very complicated to raise 16 children, but that you never get bored: every day is different from the day before and the day after: “It’s fun. There are many sacrifices to have a family of this size, but for us it is a good thing. For many other people, it may not be the case. But we are 100% invested in it. our children’s education and our family life, then that’s perfect for us. ” And looking at the photos of this smiling family, one wonders if other little Bonells will come to make life even more eventful for these two parents.

source used: the father hood

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