She Found Herself Homeless And Resorting To Scavenging Through Trash To Make Ends Meet.

Loni Willison, who was once seen as a stunning model featured in many magazines, is now a homeless individual frequently seen searching through dumpsters in California.

The ex-fitness model’s life crumbled after she divorced from Baywatch star Jeremy Jackson, as per her statement.

In May 2023, Loni spoke to X17 Online. During the interview, she pointed fingers at her ex, whom she accused of attempting to choke her, for her decline.

When asked why she was homeless, she replied, “My ex-husband got married. Well, at least I got divorced. He planned everything to make me end up like this.”

Loni and Jeremy got married in 2012, but their marriage ended after two years. After that, Loni experienced a mental breakdown, anxiety, and depression. Her breakdown, along with her addictions to alcohol and crystal meth, caused her to lose her job and home, leaving her homeless.

According to reports, she has been offered help on several occasions, but she turned it down, emphasizing her independence. She was quoted saying, “I don’t need help. I have everything I need.”

Loni, in an interview with X17 Online, expressed her immense suffering. She revealed that she is unable to stay indoors due to being “electrocuted” daily for almost a year. As a result, she cannot be near any appliances or exposed to electricity.

She mentioned that she can sense electricity, and because of that, she can also sense other things such as chemicals, batteries, fuses, wires, and different types of metals. She believes that her body even has the ability to filter out those substances.

I cannot be entirely sure. To establish a definitive answer, I would have to undergo a comprehensive examination utilizing either a large X-ray or sonogram machine. This procedure is quite meticulous and demanding.

The ex-partner of the Baywatch celebrity seemed to be missing a few of her front teeth.

Since his appearance in Baywatch, her ex, who is quite active on social media, has faced some challenging times. In 2017, he received a 270-day prison sentence and was placed on probation for five years after reaching a plea agreement for an alleged stabbing incident involving a woman in LA back in 2015. Additionally, he has struggled with addiction.

Loni faces difficult days and finds it challenging to meet her basic needs. She carries a shopping cart with her wherever she goes, which contains her few belongings and serves as a means to provide herself with food.

The beautiful blonde model looks completely different in her untidy and soiled attire.

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