She delivered pizza to rusty trailer for years, but never saw the inside – One peek made a startling discovery.

If you feel like you’ve lost faith in humanity, don’t worry. There are always individuals with hearts of gold and kind actions that can help restore it.

Angela Nguyen has been employed at Domino’s for an extended period, during which she has successfully delivered numerous pizzas.

She always brought pizza to a man named Lee Haase every Saturday without fail. Suddenly, the orders ceased. Angela, concerned, decided to visit her faithful customer.

Upon reaching his residence, she observed a significant portion of the roof had been destroyed by a recent, intense storm. Regrettably, Lee lacked the financial means to repair his house. Concurrently, he had also experienced the tragic loss of his son in a snowmobile accident, leaving him in a deeply distressing state.

Angela searched for Lee, but he was not around. Yet, Angela’s daughter, who delivers pizzas too, found out that he was staying in a rusty trailer close to his place.

Regrettably, the trailer lacked heating, water, a sewage outlet, and electricity.

Angela sympathized with Lee, therefore she made a decision to take action.

“I thought we gotta do something. We can’t let a human being live like this,” she said. She began by purchasing an electric heater for him, and then initiated a crowdfunding campaign. Surprisingly, it caught the interest of numerous community members who chose to contribute. Within just two months, a total of $32,360 was raised.“Every single one of us enjoyed doing this. This ain’t all for Lee. We all benefited,” Angela said.

Lee managed to acquire a fresh trailer and begin anew.

Angela took it to the next level and surprised Lee with a brand new house instead of pizza.

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