She buys homeless man meal & sits with him. He hands her crumpled note before leaving.

I came across a social experiment where a girl was left alone on the sidewalk. When she was nicely dressed, many people stopped to ask if she needed help. But when she was in dirty clothes, most people ignored her, and those who noticed her looked at her with resentment.

This is the unfortunate truth of our time. It makes me ponder when did humanity become so self-centered, only evaluating others by their appearance. And why is the life of a wealthy individual considered more valuable than that of someone who is poor?

Fortunately, there are individuals who remind us that empathy towards the less fortunate still exists, giving us hope for the future.

During her break from classes, Casey Fischer decided to stop by Dunkin’ Donuts for some coffee. As she made her way there, she spotted a homeless man on the side of the road picking up change. The man then headed into the store, looking to buy something to eat.

Fisher noticed that the man’s hand had only earned a small amount, around $1. She kindly offered to cover the cost of his coffee and bagel, and invited him to sit with her at the table.

Chris, the man, introduced himself to Fischer and told him about the frequent mistreatment he faced due to his homelessness.

He admitted to using drugs and how it transformed him into the person he despised. His ultimate desire in life was to become the individual his deceased mother would have been proud of. However, he somehow fell short of achieving that goal.

Fischer had to return to class, so she expressed her pleasure in meeting Chris and mentioned that she had to leave. However, the man asked her to wait for a moment, scribbled something on a crumpled paper, and gave it to his new friend.

Fischer unfolded the letter and was flooded with emotion. She never expected her actions to have such a profound impact on the man without a home. Their interaction meant more to him than just a simple coffee and bagel – it sparked a transformation within him.

We also want to express our gratitude to this wonderful girl. You are the catalyst for the positive change that our world requires to keep moving forward.

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