Several People From A Small Town In The Netherlands Called The Police After Noticing Something Extremely Strange At The House Of Nearby Neighbors.

The police were contacted by multiple individuals from a small Dutch town when they observed something highly unusual happening at their neighbors’ house.

During that time, there was heavy snowfall and the snow accumulated and increased. However, not a single snowflake adhered to the entire roof of the house, which made people suspicious.

As soon as the police officers arrived, they discovered a flourishing cannabis operation. The warmth generated by the plants hindered the snow from settling.

Dutch police are apprehending numerous cannabis growers who have been exposed by the melting snow.

The unexpected consequence of the wintry conditions is hindering drug lords in the Netherlands, as the absence of snow on rooftops reveals their illegal activities.

The individual who concealed the cannabis crop within their own residence now confronts the prospect of spending several years behind bars. While the Netherlands maintains a lenient stance on personal marijuana consumption, the authorities strictly limit the cultivation of cannabis to a maximum of five plants.

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