Scientists Prove That The Soul Does Not Die, But Returns To The Universe.

The soul is the explanation of our being…

Although it sounds crazy, the soul actually exists and is the explanation of our being. This has been discovered by two renowned doctors who claim that even when we die our soul leaves our body but returns to the universe .

Stuart Hameroff and Sir Roger Penrose have worked together since 1966 on this theory of the existence of the soul in the body.

Stuart Hameroff, works in the Department of Anesthesiology and Psychology at the University of Arizona in the United States, also participates in the Center for Consciousness Studies at the same university. For his part, Sir Roger Penrose, is a mathematical physicist from the University of Oxford, England, both men worked on the quantum theory of consciousness, establishing in their hypotheses that the soul is found in a structure called microtubules found in cells. cerebral .

When a human being is born, his brain is like a biological computer, it puts more than 100 trillion cells to work, at that moment it is when a synapse is created and acts as an information network. This has also ensured that the experiences are the result of a quantum gravity found in the microtubules.

This process has been called ” orchestrated objective reduction” (Orch-Or).

Both men have stated that microtubules are small units of the cytoskeleton of neurons , which act as conduits for quantum information, creating beings with consciousness.

But when one of the microtubules dies, its state, or quantum charge, is lost. However, all the information that is saved does not disappear because the soul does not die, but returns to the universe.

During a program made by Morgan Freeman, called “Through the Wormhole”, Dr. Hameroff commented that  from the moment the heart stops beating, the blood does not flow and the microtubules lose weight, the information is impossible to destroy, by Otherwise, it is distributed and returns to the universe .

“If the patient is resurrected, the quantum information returns to the microtubules, but if the patient dies, the information, that is, memories and memories live forever outside the body, in the soul,” Hameroff said .

What do you think about this theory? Do you really think we all have souls?

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