Science has established that the perfect physique exists and belongs to this model.

Is there any way to determine what is perfect beauty ? Over time very different standards have followed one another, but the yardstick is strictly personal and linked to subjective tastes. However, science seems to have identified the ideal body in the figure of one woman in particular: it is the British actress and model Kelly Brook , who at 43 has been indicated as the embodiment of the perfect body.

Goodbye to the beauty standards that sacrificed the very thin supermodels on the altar of perfection: science has established that the perfect features are those of the wonderful Kelly Brook , who boasts a soft and sinuous physique. A new era, which seems to abandon the restrictive canons of recent times, to embrace more generous sizes , those that were defined as “hourglass” and corresponded to the classic 90-60-90 sizes.

The ideals of beauty have evolved and changed over time, up to the scientific ruling of Texas University , which contrasted the previous social ‘convictions’: according to a study , the perfect woman has a fuller body and with abundant curves, to be precise with a body mass index of 18.85 , a bust of 93cm, a waist of 61cm and a hip of 87cm. A different study highlighted the importance of the ratio between hips and waist , the ideal value of which is between 0.65 and 0.75 cm.

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Kelly Brook mirrors these physical proportions perfectly, both in terms of body mass index and hip-to-waist ratio. Although some might consider it an abundant body, therefore, it would represent the maximum aspiration of men and the ideal to be achieved for other women.

But is there really an ideal? What is cyclically considered as such is influenced by many factors, first of all fashion and trends, followed by scientific research and cultural aspects, but there cannot be a single universally shared standard of beauty, since it is an aspect subjective and impossible to represent in a single representation.

However, electing a physique like Kelly’s as the most perfect of all is certainly a big step towards body positivity, which embraces shapes without denigrating them, thanks also to the catwalks that see plus-size models parading .

And do you agree with the opinion of science?


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