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This Amazing Russian Girl Takes the Most Dangerous Selfies on Top of Skyscrapers!.


If you are afraid of heights, you might want to hold on to something before looking at this girl’s selfies. Angela Nikolau, is a Russian girl. She also has a knack for posting numerous selfies on her Instagram like most women around her age.But, Angela’s selfies aren’t your regular OOTDs and #WokeUpLikeThis selfies. Her selfies would make you surprised..

Angela Nikolau, the daredevil from Russia.

When it comes to selfies she is an absolute daredevil. Because of this, she has thousands upon thousands of followers as they want to see where she’ll climb off to next.

Selfies from way, way up!

And she makes it look so easy!

She invites some of her friends to come with her atop buildings. So, she’s not alone in her high-risk selfie game.

Because dangerous selfies are more fun with friends!

And, she brings her boyfriend along with her when she’s feeling romantic.

Love from high up.

She also finds places that it seems practically impossible for her to be where she is. You’ll wonder just how she got up there, like the photo below.

How did she get up there?!

Or there?

How’d she know exactly where to take this perfect shot?

Angela strikes daring poses that really make you hope there’s a net down below to catch her instead of not just standing there looking pretty in her photos.

One wrong step is all it takes…

She catch the breeze on top of whatever structure she’s daring to climb where she goes for just donning a lovely, billowy dress.

Dressed for the occasion.

Striking the perfect skyscraper pose.

Even though the daredevil selfies that have been made popular by the Russian youth is don’t have permission to be up there. They might even be even arrested for trespassing.

Permit or no, Angela’s gonna take that shot.

They don’t care of them and these risky selfies are getting more popular. We will wish to be careful to Angela Nikolau and her crew. And don’t try this at home as this is heavily dangerous.

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