Rude Passengers Won’t Make Room For The Wheelchair But They Get What’s Coming To Them

The saying ‘What goes around comes around’ has remained unchanged for years. Some refer to it as karma, while others simply believe that you eventually receive what you deserve.

Sometimes we witness this happening, and it truly brings joy to our hearts. While we don’t want to take pleasure in someone else’s misfortune, there are occasions when people receive their just desserts, and we can’t help but feel delighted about it.

In Paris, a man named Francois Le Berre encountered a situation while attempting to get on a bus. Being in a wheelchair, he faced a minor issue.

Le Berre waited for the bus to arrive at the stop. However, the passengers on the bus did not make space for him and his wheelchair to board.

The bus driver did something incredible by not driving away and instead asking everyone to exit the bus when he saw the man sitting there.

He then approached Le Berre and informed him that he and his assistant, who happened to be Le Berre’s brother, should board the bus.

Things started to look up when he informed the others who had gotten off that they needed to wait for the next bus to board again.

He offered a small ray of hope by saying the next bus would arrive in about five minutes. However, it was a harsh reality check for those who had mistreated a man in need of help.

Le Berre uses a wheelchair due to his multiple sclerosis. He hasn’t met the bus driver before and they don’t keep in touch.

The bus driver doesn’t have any disabled family members. He simply believed that showing some kindness was the right thing to do.

Well done!

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