Romanian Photographer Travels The World Recording The Beauty Of 32 Different Cultures.

There is beauty in absolutely all people.

The peculiarities of each person make them special and unique. Proving that beauty is everywhere, Romanian photographer Mihaela Noroc traveled the world photographing women in every country she visited. The result is an incredible gallery of diversities, showing that there is no single standard of beauty:

1. Greece

2. Morocco.

3. Ethiopia.

4. Mongolian.

5.Myanmar .

6. Italy.

7. United States.

8. Spain.

9. Iran.

10. Kyrgyzstan.

11. Brazil.

12. Cyprus.

13. Norway.

14. Ethiopia.

15. Indian.

16. Tajikistan.

17. France.


19. Afghanistan.

20. Cuba.

21. Tibet.

22. Peru.

23. Saudi Arabia.

24. Indonesian.

25. Moldova.

26. Italy.

27. Ethiopia.


29. Iran.

30. Iceland.

31. Morocco.


The work of this photographer is proof that beauty is present all over the world. Share these beautiful images with your friends who love photography.

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