Remembering a piece of nostalgia – do you recognize this object?

Roller skating has been a favorite activity for both children and adults throughout the years.

Roller skates were reportedly first used in a London stage show in 1743, and John Joseph Merlin is credited with inventing the first skate in London in 1760.

During World War II, they were even showcased when the U.S. had the concept of utilizing them to transport infantry across Europe in order to conserve fuel. However, this idea never came to fruition.

Skating became a popular hobby in the U.S. in 1935. When skating rinks started playing disco music in the 1970s, it became extremely popular.

If you’re old enough, you might recall the metal skates that you could attach to your shoes and adjust as your feet grew. However, you might not recall the metal accessory that many skaters used to wear around their necks.

Pictures of the copper-colored item are circulating on social media platforms, with lots of people speculating that it could be a bottle opener or a tool of some sort.

Before the 1970s, a skate key was necessary for anyone who used roller skates.

You can attach skates to your shoes and change the size by using the skate key.

Most people would wear the key around their neck while skating so they wouldn’t lose it. The key would fit into the back of the skates.

People have even composed songs about this crucial skating accessory.

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