Queen Camilla breaks silence on Kate Middleton after cancer diagnosis.

Catherine, Princess of Wales, and her family were greatly shocked by her cancer diagnosis. The news also deeply affected the people of Britain and all those who admire the royal family.

Kate and William did their best to shield their three children from the difficult times and diagnosis Kate was facing.

Specialists think that Kate intentionally shared the video about her health on Friday at 6 pm to avoid immediate questions from their children’s friends since school had already closed by then.

“George is ten now and can’t be shielded from any of this now,” a palace source told the Times. “Once it’s at the school gate and in the school playground, he won’t be able to avoid it.”

King Charles’ former butler, Grant Harrold, stated that Kate and William took a unique approach with each of their children when informing them about her cancer. Harrold believes that when they told Prince Louis, they probably softened the impact by presenting the information in a more positive light.

“I’m sure it was a very difficult and very different conversation between children,” Grant Harrold told the NY Post. “For instance, for Louis, I’m sure the conversation was more sugarcoated than it was with George and Charlotte.”

The former butler continued, “The older children can understand more, so I’d imagine it was a little more frank but undoubtedly staying positive, which is so important.

“That’s why when you now look at the picture of Kate with her three children, it brings a tear to your eye. For any mother to have that conversation is huge and you can imagine Charlotte and George are going to be good supports for her.”

He mentioned that Louis is too inexperienced to comprehend his mother’s situation.

“It’s a tricky one. I’m sure the children will be handling it as any kids would be expected to handle it, but I think their parents are very good at being calm and collected, and I think that will rub off on the children,” he told the NY Post.

The kids will have a great time searching for eggs during their Easter break at Anmer Hall in the Sandringham Estate with their parents.

Sandringham is a beloved location of King Charles, so it is likely that he and Camilla have visited Kate and William there.

As Charles undergoes cancer treatments in London, his wife takes on most of the royal responsibilities, and she has received much praise for her dedication.

Royal expert Angela Levin stated that Queen Camilla is providing strong support to the royal family in her current role.

Waiting until you’re 73 is quite a long time before becoming the king. It’s challenging at his age, but he’s determined and has just begun his reign,” Levin expressed during his appearance on GB News. “Queen Camilla is fully supporting him and attending all the engagements they would have attended together.”

He will continue to feel the momentum, they can have conversations about it. It’s great how she supports the Royal Family and stays strong. People thought the Royal Family would fall apart 30 years ago, but she proves them wrong.

Even though Camilla prefers to stay out of the spotlight, she is doing a great job when interacting with the public.

“To support her husband. She understands him very well because they’ve been together for over 50 years, before they even got married. it’s a long time and they make each other laugh,” Levin added.

Camilla not only fills in for her husband, but she also shows great support for Kate Middleton, especially when she was out of the public eye after her scheduled abdominal surgery.

Camilla Tominey, the associate editor of The Telegraph, stated that the queen .“has been trying to help [Catherine] through the media storm aspect in all of this.”

Tominey said, “I think before [Catherine] made the announcement because she was having to cope with the fallout of everything that was said about the Mother’s Day photo and everything else, I think Camilla lent some support.”

“Because let’s be honest, [Camilla] knows what it’s like to have a difficult press. She knows what it’s like to shepherd children through a media storm,” she added.

Up until now, none of the Firm’s members have mentioned anything about Kate or her illness. However, recently Queen Camilla ended her silence during a visit to Shrewsbury. She met numerous royal supporters at a farmer’s market and received a sign from two young girls. The sign was adorned with a flower and a heart, and it conveyed the message, “Send our love to Kate.”

Camilla stood next to the sign and reportedly spoke to the girls., “I know that Catherine is thrilled by all the kind wishes and support,” as per royal expert Rebecca English.

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