Puppy Was Trapped In A Frozen Pond After Chasing Geese

One of the graces of New York in the winter season is the amount of snow and its frozen lagoons that create a beautiful landscape, which attracts hundreds of tourists every year. But, not only humans are attracted to this type of weather. But also a little shih tzu who was almost on the verge of a tragedy by going to play in the snow .

A man from Plainville, New York decided to enjoy the snowy winter that his city had to offer. He took the pet’s leash from him and together they went for a walk around the block while taking in the beautiful scenery. Everything was going well, until the shih tzu puppy had a big distraction . The little puppy, he observed in the distance, some geese that were walking on a frozen lagoon. The instinct of the animal screamed for him to run after the geese in order to hunt them down . From one second to the next, the little puppy escaped from the hands of its owner, at the speed of light .

The puppy managed to reach the lagoon, but not to its goal. When he was in the sector, the puppy was trapped. When running in a hurry, the animal had forgotten that its leash was attached to its collar . It was precisely the control of the leash that got stuck in one of the ice in the lagoon, finding itself unable to get out . The owner of the dog had no opportunity to rescue the pet from him, since the layers of ice that form on the water often do not resist human weight . For the same reason, the subject called the city’s animal rescue unit, before a tragedy occurred .

Rescuers didn’t take long to arrive. First they dressed in special thermal clothing to withstand the cold in case they fell into the water . Then they advanced through the lagoon, reaching the dog and untying the leash . Finally they guided the puppy to its owner. Thanks to the speed of the unit and the owner’s emergency call, the adorable but mischievous shih tzu had no sequelae and is in perfect condition.

Share this rescue story with your friends and family. So that they see the danger that the puppies are in if we are not aware of them. And so you can see what a great job the rescuers did.

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