Puppy Protects And Bites The Thief Who Was Attacking His Owner

Puppies are often purchased by a family not just to give them love. But also as a way to protect the home. Dogs are not only loyal to their family, they are also capable of anything if they see their loved ones in danger. This was demonstrated by a pitbull who did not hesitate at any time to attack when he saw that he adored her, the owner of him, was in trouble .

When Marissa Costilla, a resident of Austin, in the United States, bought a security camera for her home. And she never really imagined that one day she could really occupy it. The young 30-year-old dog breeder found herself in danger when one afternoon an unknown subject entered her home and had no qualms about attacking her. The video recorded by the camera installed in the living room of Marissa’s home, recorded the minute when a man enters without any shyness through the front door of the house, looking from one side to the other . Marissa, leaving a room after hearing a noise, realizes that there is an intruder and he lunges to attack her .

But, despite the fact that the woman seemed to be alone, the reality was far from it. From one second to the next, Marissa’s pet, a brave Pitbull, appeared. This breed of dog is known for being extremely protective and not afraid of attacks . The same puppy has been the one who fearlessly counteracted the intruder and tried to move it in order to save his loved one from him. Marissa has a dog kennel. And her pet is precisely trained by herself to know how to react in cases of attacks or thieves . Luckily her pit bull learned well from the lessons that the young woman gave her and she knew how to defend her home.

The woman is safe and sound today. Despite the fact that the thief who tried to enter her home has not yet been located . But she probably knows that if she goes back inside, there will be someone to defend the house.

Below you can see the video of the security camera that recorded how this dog perfectly defended its home and its owner:

Share this home protection video with your friends and family. So that they see that a well-taught dog will do anything to protect.

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