Psychological Test: Guess Which Of The 4 Babies Is A Girl.

The tests can be applied in different areas, these are very useful psychological tools that can help to discover more, not only about ourselves but also about other people. In addition to helping us get to know ourselves better, they also help us face fears and even tell us traits or areas that we can improve in ourselves.

Although it is true that our way of acting says a lot about us, it is also true that sometimes our actions do not fully reflect what we think or how we feel, much less show our personality. So if you want to know the way your brain works, this test is ideal, it will also help you discover what kind of person you are based on your answer in the following image. Observe carefully…

In the picture below,  which of the four babies is a girl? 


Once you are sure of your answer, read what it has to tell you below

Baby 1

You characterize yourself as a rational person who always acts attached to the rules. Before making a decision, you first analyze and then take the one that seems most fair not only for you but also for those people who are involved. You don’t like to have confrontations with anyone. You prefer impartiality and you are always aware of the happiness of others, however, sometimes you forget about your own just to please those who should not. You behave according to your principles and always try to speak wisely

Baby 2

Creativity and art is your thing. You have an amazing and admirable ability to create things. You are active and you are always trying to assert yourself and achieve new challenges. You never miss an opportunity to learn something new. You are not afraid of changes because you know that these are always for the best. You go through life enjoying each day as if it were your last and although this is perfect, what is not is locking yourself so much in your bubble and not allowing people to get as close to you as many would like. Possibly you have suffered disappointments but tell me who has not.

Learn to cope with failures, don’t stagnate. Although many people do not look for you out of real interest, there are others who do. Give them the opportunity, over time you will learn to be selective in terms of the people that are convenient for you or not to have in your life. If we get it right, don’t forget to support us with a like and leave your opinion in the comments.

Baby 3

You characterize yourself as a very sociable, charismatic and fun person. The time you enjoy the most is the time you spend with your friends. You love adventure, adrenaline and sometimes you tend to act on impulse because you believe that he who does not risk does not win. In general, you are ingenious and very intuitive, however, you let yourself be carried away more by impulses and although it is true that life is full of risks and that to win you have to take them, sometimes it is good to think a little about the consequences.

Remember that there are countless people around you, many of them really appreciate you, so you should reflect a little more on those decisions that you make so lightly, sometimes it is not just about you, it can also harm or hurt someone who appreciates you.

Indeed #3 is the girl. Congratulations!

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Baby 4

You have a very noble heart but also a very high ego. You always believe that everyone is right and you always want things to be done your way, something that of course those around you do not like very much. You usually adapt easily to the circumstances that arise, your character is strong and that is why you have a tendency to lead and it is not that you do it badly, not at all, part of your personality is also to be creative, you innovate with your ideas, however, remember that it is also good to take into consideration the opinions of others, your ideas are not always the best.

You need to learn to listen a little more if you don’t want those who appreciate you to get away from you, remember that people also want and deserve to feel valuable, recognize their efforts and take their contributions into account, that will make you a much better leader. If we get it right, don’t forget to support us with a like and leave your opinion in the comments.

What do you think about your result? Have you identified with what is described? Leave your opinion about it and share it with your friends so they can do it too.

In the comments, just state the # of baby you think is the girl, so you’ll know how many you share a similar personality with.

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