Polish Photographer Traveled To India To Show The World The Beauty Of Its People.

Traveling is an incomparable experience, not only because we get to know different places, but also because we are able to appreciate the diversity, the different cultures, the gastronomy of each place and the warmth of its people.

This is undoubtedly a valuable tool that gives us the opportunity to broaden our horizons and understand to some extent that we are all as different as we are the same.

It is true that many times traveling is not within everyone’s reach, sometimes for economic reasons or sometimes for work reasons, however, with today’s technological advances and the importance of digital media, getting to know other places and people from other countries, it is possible.

Here also comes thanks to the photographers, this time to Magdalena Bagrianow, who has done a spectacular job.

Magdalena is a Polish photographer living in the UK. She traveled to India along with her camera and captured the image of several people she met there. The photographs are so good and perfect, that we can almost feel what the people felt on that occasion.

Some photos were taken in their own environment, which is why they are considered more candid.

In case you have forgotten, India continues to be the most populated country. 1.3 billion people live in it, 17.5% of the total world population.

Now we leave you a beautiful gallery, Magdalena’s work is simply fascinating:

Suman, of the Kalbelia caste, at the annual Pushkar fair.

Sadhu, Hindu holy man, in the streets of Pushkar.

Maya, gypsy girl from the Bhopa caste.

Kalbelia girl with her little sister, on the outskirts of Pushkar.

Little Rajasthani boy at the Pushkar fair.

Gypsy girl from the Bhopa caste pictured on the outskirts of Pushkar.

Old Rajasthani woman on the streets of Pushkar.

Mamtu, green-eyed gypsy of the Bhopa caste.

Little Omani girl, pictured at Mutrah Souq.

“FORGET YOUR TROUBLES AND DANCE” – Bob Marley. Sagina, a girl of the Kalbelia caste, dancing in the Pushkar amusement park.

Gypsy mother and her son at the Pushkar fair.

Rajasthani herdsman among his camels at the Pushkar fair.

Girl from the Kalbelia caste pictured at the Pushkar fair.

Old Rajasthani herdsman during a cold morning at the camel fair.

Adorable gypsy boy at Pushkar amusement park.

Man dressed as a Hindu goddess offering his blessings in exchange for money from tourists and neighbors

Papu and Mamtu, mother and daughter of the Bhopa caste, considered some of the most beautiful women in Rajasthan.

Rajasthani camel seller.

Gypsy girl of the Kalbelia caste.

The Taj Mahal on a foggy morning.

Rajasthani boy dressed as the Hindu god Shiva. The photo was taken on the streets of Pushkar, where he accepted money and offerings from neighbors and tourists, as they are considered good luck. His mother was by his side taking care of him all the time. It is customary for children and adults to dress up as gods from the Hindu pantheon during religious festivals.

Suman of the Kalbelia caste, pictured at the annual Pushkar fair.

4 sisters gathered in front of their tent at the Pushkar fair.

Beautiful gypsy Kalbelia called Suman, at the Pushkar amusement park.

Portrait of a Sadhu, Hindu holy man, in the streets of Pushkar.

Portrait of a Sadhu in the streets of Pushkar.

Rajasthani girl pictured on the streets of Pushkar.

Rajasthani camel seller at the annual Pushkar fair.

Rajasthani boy with a cobra around his neck. Portrayed at the Monkey Temple in Jaipur.

Gypsy girl of the Kalbelia caste.

What do you think about these stunning images that show the beauty of India in all its glory?

Credits: MagdalenaB 

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