Policewoman resigns to become a model for an adult site with her daughter.

Everyone since childhood hopes, one day, to do the job of their dreams . When you grow up, however, then you have to come to terms with reality and you are not always able to get the desired job . In these cases, it is almost mandatory to adapt and carry out a job that simply allows one’s subsistence and that of the family. Often, however, we get bored and want to pursue the aspirations  of when we were little.

The woman protagonist of the story, in fact, has decided to leave her job and embark on a new career. Thus, she became a model for an adult site together with her daughter , to support them there is her husband, who gives them a hand with photos of her. Let’s see the story in detail.

Katy Kampa , known on social media under the pseudonym  kah_kampa , is a 36-year-old woman who has chosen to become a model for an adult site. Before embarking on this career she worked as a policewoman, a difficult job to carry out, for this reason she decided to resign  and look for a new job.

” It is very difficult – explained the woman – to be a policeman , being forced to go out into the street every day and constantly putting your own safety at risk “. Leaving a job is complex, especially if you are not sure that you will be able to find another one in a short time . Katy, however, has tried everything by embarking on this new path: that of a model .


Luck was on his side as he immediately made a large amount of money . So much so that his current salary is about 20 times higher than what he earned working as a policewoman. Her will was also to take pictures with her daughter, since she had already embarked on this career . Despite the numerous prejudices of society, the woman does not regret this decision and believes that it is the best she could make. Even her husband, he seems to be happy with this choice, so much so that he takes her photos himself.


“ I share a lot of content . Many users know that I used to be a police officer and that’s probably what makes them look at my photos and subscribe to my account. They also often ask me to post pictures in uniform, but I prefer not to .”

What do you think of his choice?



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