“Ice Cream” Tulips: With Pink Leaves And An All-white Bulb, They Evoke A Tasty Cup Of Ice Cream.

If you love spring, the colors of this wonderful season, and the flowers that bloom in this period of “rebirth”, you absolutely must know this extraordinary variety of tulips, which at first glance seem to recall the characteristics and the shape of a tasty cup of cream ice cream. It is no coincidence that these tulips are known as ” Ice Cream Tulips”. And just looking at them almost makes our mouths water.

#1. The “ice cream” tulips are recognizable by their bulbs of a different color from that of the lower leaves: they look like cups of ice cream with a ton of whipped cream!

#2. This type of tulip blooms between the end of April and the first weeks of May and can reach 40 centimeters

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#3. One of their characteristics is not only the white bulb like whipped cream, but also the pink leaves that surround it.

#4. They would almost whet the appetite when they saw them!

#5. No doubt, they are among the most beautiful varieties of tulips, we are sure!

Haven’t you wanted to eat them just by looking at these beautiful, colorful tulips?

source used: Farmer Gracy

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