Picture of little girl holding bag of popcorn has broken the internet

People were left puzzled when they saw the picture of the child posing in the park with her hands in front of her waist. Initially, it may seem like the girl has abnormally long and thin legs, but it’s actually just an optical trick. Have a look at the picture below and see for yourself.

Twitter users were confused by the picture at first, but after looking closely, they noticed that the child was holding a bag of popcorn that matched the color of the patchy grass she was standing on.

Screenshot: Facebook: Filhabeer

The picture has been posted over 250,000 times on Facebook and received over 37,000 comments. Many people, including those who couldn’t understand what was going on, have commented on it. Don’t forget to share it on FB so your friends can see it too.

Many individuals find this puzzle perplexing once they view the optical illusion presented here. Nevertheless, a few individuals can promptly determine the solution. On the other hand, some individuals struggle to make accurate guesses and provide correct answers.

This challenging Viral Optical Illusion is difficult to detect. To assist you, we have included an image with the solution. In the picture, you can see a girl holding a large bag of popcorn that seamlessly blends in with the withered grass in the background.

If you’re unable to see it, don’t worry. We’ll assist you by providing the solution image below. The popcorn bag the girl is holding is circled.

Can you see it now? It all makes sense!

She was most likely at a fair or festival with her family, where they parked on the grass. The grass and the way her tasty bag of popcorn was positioned perfectly blended with the grass, creating an illusion of super skinny legs. However, she doesn’t appear to be very happy.

Perhaps it’s because they’re on their way back home and she wanted to enjoy a few more rides on the ferris wheel? Alternatively, her Dad might have just cracked a really cheesy Dad joke.

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