Parents Ask Him To Pay $ 1,300 A Month For Room Rent: 18-year-old Angry.

How long should parents support their children and provide them with financial assistance? Each parent has their own opinion, with some offering to support their children until they are completely independent and others saying that once they are of age they should start to take care of themselves and fend for themselves. alone. A teenager, however, was stunned by his parents’ request. On Reddit, he said on condition of anonymity that he lives with his parents and they expect him to pay the rent . Before asking for your opinion, we tell you the whole story.


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The boy says:

I just graduated and will be starting university in August. I have just started working full time, but when I start my classes I will return to part time. Before my 18th birthday, over a month ago, my parents started talking about how they expect me to pay the rent and half the bills if I want to continue living with them. It was not the problem. Problem is, they expected me to pay $ 1,300 per month for my tiny room that I share with my little brother.. Not to mention half of the bills they expected from me. Most apartments in our city cost around this amount, but for an entire apartment and not for a single room and a space shared with everyone else. Most of my salary would go to that then. As I asked my parents, I would have no problem helping pay the bills and my room if they lowered the rent. They said that was what they agreed to so this is what I had to pay if I wanted to continue to stay there .


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The boy continues:

So I spoke to a friend of mine, who had been looking for a new roommate for three months. Finally, I went to his house and he added me to the rental agreement. My room and bathroom, plus the total rent and half the bills, cost a lot less than the rent my parents expected from me. But the point is, they’re super mad at me for moving. My mom ignored me when I moved, my dad kept saying he was so disappointed with me . For a while, they hoped they could count on me to help them pay their loans and even their bills. Now that I have chosen to leave, my father says that I will leave them in a very difficult situation. I guess I decided to be selfish instead of

Is it fair to ask a child who is not yet fully independent to pay rent? Does the boy really have reasons to feel guilty?

source used: ThrowRArentissue/reddit

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