Only 1 Of These Yokes Is From A Healthy Chicken..Can You Tell Which One?

When using eggs in a recipe, you may not consider if they are fresh or not. There are ways to determine if an egg is from a healthy chicken and safe to use in cooking.

Yellow yolks are commonly found in most eggs.

This is usually what people consider a healthy egg. If the yolk had a different color, most would throw it away, thinking it’s contaminated. When asked about the yolk color, many say it should be yellow. But those who grew up on a farm might have a different opinion. Chickens can be free range or raised for sale in stores.

Chickens sold in stores usually have eggs with yellow yolks. The yolk color shows how many nutrients the chicken gets. Yellow is good, but a bright orange yolk is better.

The chicken has been provided with vitamins and nutrients, resulting in a healthy life. If the yolk is dark, it could indicate a deficiency of certain nutrients in the chicken’s diet.

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