Online Influencer Says She’s “Too Pretty To Work” And The Internet Can’t Take It.

Lucy Welcher is an online influencer who has a massive following of millions of people. With around 20 million likes, she has gained a significant amount of popularity.

Lucy’s TikTok video claiming she was ‘too pretty’ to work went viral and sparked a lot of controversy online. Some accused her of being entitled and shallow, but let’s delve deeper into the situation.

She mentioned in the video that she dislikes the routine of work. She expressed, “I don’t want to work forever. Do I seem like I want to wake up at 6 a.m. every single day for the next 60 years? No way! I’m too beautiful for that!”

After receiving negative feedback, she removed the initial video and uploaded a fresh one. In the new video, she provided some explanation, stating that she was merely joking and expressing her frustration with how social media had criticized her.

She also mentioned that some of the beliefs about her riches, earning a high income, and owning numerous luxurious cars were untrue. In fact, she stated that her house is ‘literally crumbling’.

A few days after, a new video was uploaded titled: “Recreation of my most disliked video.” She recreated the controversial video, but this time, the responses were not the same.

Once people understood she was joking about being too pretty to work, they showed more support for her second video. But some still disagreed and voiced their opinions in the comments.

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