One Scary Reason You Should Never Sleep With Your Wi-Fi Or Bluetooth On.

A large number of people spend most of their day using electronic devices. They might browse social media on their phones, work on computers, and relax with a tablet.

Even though this is how many of us live, it doesn’t mean there aren’t any risks involved. This means that there might be hidden dangers that could be quite serious.

Initially, this is a scenario known by some, yet acted upon by only a handful. It involves the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth configurations on your gadget.

At night, how far away is your device when you sleep? Some people keep their smartphone on the nightstand next to them, while others have it in bed with them for easy access.

Before going to sleep, it’s recommended by experts to turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which is usually the last thing we do.

There are several reasons why you should turn off your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth before going to bed. Firstly, it saves your battery life as they consume a significant amount of power. Additionally, it is unnecessary to use that power when you are asleep and not using your smartphone.

Many people overlook another reason: the potential harm to your health caused by Wi-Fi.

Since 1997, Wi-Fi has become an integral part of our lives, reaching every corner. We heavily rely on it for our daily tasks, but it also poses potential risks.

Specialists are currently stating that Wi-Fi may impact your overall health. It can be particularly harmful for children who are consistently exposed to Wi-Fi.

Ultimately, the choice to disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth is yours. Consider taking a moment to do so before bedtime for the benefit of yourself and your loved ones.

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