One Person Built An Adorable Squirrel Picnic Table And It’s The Cutest Thing You’ll See Today.

Nothing like a picnic, miniature

Surely squirrels don’t mind eating right off the ground in the least, but Rick Kalinowski thought it would be nice if they had a place to snack.

Kalinowski always spent time watching the squirrels that wandered through his garden like this and he always wanted his house to be visited by more of these furry little animals and he got to work. He decided to create a small picnic table for them to use.

When the project was complete, he put a plate with walnuts as the main appetizer and dedicated himself to enjoying his great invention.

Not long after he nailed the little table to his fence, the first furry guest arrived to enjoy the nuts.

While it may seem like the squirrels are the only ones satisfied, Kalinowski may take some of that satisfaction, too, as he put the table in a spot that faces his window so he can watch the little rodents while sipping his morning coffee.

In the end, their grateful faces are what fills the man with happiness who according to his words “I appreciate them, and I think they appreciate me.

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